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- Up to 6m between centres
- Up to 1660 Diameter in gap
- Up to 1010 over bed
- Up to 770 over saddle
- Two brand new machines recently
- commissioned 8/05
- Digital Read Outs
- Linishing attachment
- Taper turning attachments
- Hydraulic copying attachment

- Horizontal borer, one brand new machine,
- commissioned 10/05, with facing & boring up to

- 2400 diameter, 1400 x 1600 x 1200 xyz axis
- travel. PCD drilling with PLC electric control and
- digital read out with memory, milling and
- threading and high accuracy optical projection on
- table rotation. Infinitely variable speeds and feeds.
- Universal milling machines
- Radial arm drill
- Heavy duty pedestal drill for drilling QT plates 
- 12" Slotter for key ways and splines
- Various hydraulic presses up to 100 Tonne
- capacity

In addition to Mobile Line Boring, SLE has the ability to provide in-situ pipe flange facing, bevelling, and machining. This can often avoid costly replacement of large and expensive items that have been damaged in some way prior to installation and or fit up.

- Pipe Beveling - In-situ from 12mm ID to 1500 OD
- Pipe Flange Facing - ID mounting in-situ to
- 600mm OD, OD mounting in-situ to 1500mm OD
- Clam Shell Lathes - 48mm to 1524mm diameter

- Fabrication, repair & sharpening of machine tool
- on our Tool & Cutter Grinder
- Repair of chromed surfaces
- Tool post grinder
- Grinding of shims to close tolerances 
- Linishing of hydraulic cylinder rods
- Straightening of shafts